Positive Lessons From Claudio Ranieri's Success

Leicester's success in the Premier League has hogged the limelight recently but for me more interesting lessons can be learned from the story of their manager, Claudio Ranieri.

He has achieved his biggest success at the ripe age of 64. And he won the title after registering his biggest failure managing the Greek national team, which resulted in his sacking.

Also known as the Tinkerman at Chelsea for constantly changing his lineup, he led his team to the trophy by generally sticking with the same players this time.

He likes to remind everyone that he is still the same person that got sacked by Greece.

And on the day the title was decided when Chelsea drew with Tottenham, he went to have lunch with his mother in Italy not expecting to watch the match, only for the team owner to the arrange a plane for him to come back.

Talk about knowing what (or who) is more important.
Ranieri could have easily not got the Leicester job if he had performed reasonably well with Greece. But who would have remembered him?

Nor would he have got the job if certain things did not happen during the off season last year, which led to the sacking of Leicester's previous manager

Now he has orchestrated the greatest upset in English football.

His success gives us hope. That you can achieve at any age. That your greatest victory can come even after your biggest failure. That giants can be slain. That you can win with less resources.

And that nice guys can sometimes finish first.


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