Saying No Seems To Be The Hardest

There's a song by Elton John called Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word but for me saying No is so much harder.

How do you say no when your daughter comes to you asking for a treat or snack that her mother disapproves or when they ask to go to Mr DIY or Daiso to buy something they don't need?

Its also so very difficult when people ask you to do projects or take some responsibility that you just can't take because you have no time. 

While some people have absolutely no problems saying no, I have to really think hard of precisely what excuse to give.

Sometimes by sheer persistence my kids will get a yes from me, and occasionally I end doing projects that I really don't have the time do.

For me its so much easier to say sorry than no.

But if you don't say no just to avoid disappointing people, you will not be able to focus on the things that you should actually be doing to move forward.

So I nowadays I just say ''really sorry, but no".

(This is of course with regard to projects. As for my kids, I still have major difficulties)


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