The Quran: From the Outside Looking In

The Quran has been quoted or misquoted by countless people, but many have never actually read it in its entirety.

A large number of Muslims recite it, without actually reading to understand. Many Islamophobes (mis)quote it without actually knowing the context, or finishing the whole Book.

In the TED talk below, Lesley Hazleton, an author whose work focuses on politics, religion and history, describes her experience trying to understand the Quran as an outsider.

It's amazing that what she sees is almost what I see in my own attempt at understanding the Book.

Unfortunately, both extremists and Islamophobes derive the same conclusions from the Quran, which I think has led to the major issues we have now between Muslims and non-Muslims.

But she sees something else, and so do I. Her talk, delivered in 2011, is fascinating and well worth your ten minutes.


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