Thank God It's Not A Flying Cockroach

Yesterday, while returning to my desk after a short break, I was surprised to find an uninvited guest sitting on my in-tray, with its head on one of the documents I was working on.

The Green Guest

It's not the first time that this type of green snake visited my work area. The last time it came (could be the same snake), the creature slithered across my leg and we managed to chase it away outside.

This time it looked rather comfortable in my in tray, and was not too agitated by my presence. That gave me and my wife some time to think of a solution.

The last resort would be to summon my specialist terminator called Dusty, who loves to catch and terminate all sorts of reptiles. But I prefer to capture and release.

Dusty with his catch some time back

At first I tried to chase it away towards the door or window but that did not work. It seemed comfortable in my tray. Then we decided to trap it in a covered basket.

I managed to hook the snake with a stick and dropped it into the basket. We then dragged the basked outside the compound to release it.

Before releasing the visitor 

We flipped the cover to release the snake and it slowly climbed up the tree and went on its way. Hopefully, it would not return for the third time.

Going back home

My mom, who helped me chase the snake the first time it came (she was not around this time) wondered why the snake chose to come to my desk again. I really don't know. But if it returns for the third time, then it must surely be attracted to me.

I always try to look for positives in any situation. The only positive thing I can think of is that it was just a green, rather small, non-venomous (I think) snake.

It could have been much worse, like a flying cockroach. That would have been a major emergency requiring full evacuation and running for cover behind my wife's skirt. (You won't hear about that in this blog)

Note: I am thinking of adding snake charming to my list of skills in Linkedin. Maybe I'll wait for one more encounter to confirm the ability...:)

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