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Thank God It's Not A Flying Cockroach

Yesterday, while returning to my desk after a short break, I was surprised to find an uninvited guest sitting on my in-tray, with its head on one of the documents I was working on.

The Green Guest
It's not the first time that this type of green snake visited my work area. The last time it came (could be the same snake), the creature slithered across my leg and we managed to chase it away outside.

This time it looked rather comfortable in my in tray, and was not too agitated by my presence. That gave me and my wife some time to think of a solution.

The last resort would be to summon my specialist terminator called Dusty, who loves to catch and terminate all sorts of reptiles. But I prefer to capture and release.

Dusty with his catch some time back
At first I tried to chase it away towards the door or window but that did not work. It seemed comfortable in my tray. Then we decided to trap it in a covered basket.

I managed to hook the snake with a stick and dropped it into the basket. W…

Why the financial leadership is so disappointing even after discounting yet to be proven allegations

Malaysians are clearly not happy with the financial leadership in Malaysia and have probably reached breaking point. 1MDB, Mara, GST and subsidy rationalisation are among the major points of dissatisfaction.

Right now people are hotly debating about personal misappropriation, tampered emails, blackmail and many other things which are difficult to verify unless further evidence is shown. So, I do think that we should reserve judgement until a clearer picture emerges.
However, even with the current information already available, there is so much to be disappointed about. While I generally think that subsidy rationalization is necessary and GST may be positive (although difficult for the rakyat), you cannot ask the people to bear the burden of saving the country without the leadership being financially responsible themselves.
Even after discounting various yet to be proven allegations, the hugely questionable developments below are difficult to take: Overpaying for the purchase of energy …