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Giving People A Chance

Many Arsenal fans are constantly unhappy with Arsene Wenger for not buying ready made superstars. Clearly he prefers to develop young talent and give them a chance. This is his reason:

“You need the talent, but also you need to meet someone who believes in you and gives you a chance. Plenty of people have talent in life but they do not meet someone who gives them a chance.

"For example, can you name one Formula One driver from an African country, apart from South Africa? And can you really imagine that there is not one guy in Africa with the talent to be a Formula One driver? Why are they not there? Because no one has given them a chance. I like to be the guy who believes in people, and stands up for them.”

According to Jeremy Wilson, in an article in the Telegraph, Arsene Wenger said this to a group of businessmen in Malaysia during Arsenal's 2011 Asian Tour about the importance of developing talent. He got a standing ovation at the end of the talk.

I remembe…