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A Message to My Muslim Brothers and Sisters: We Need to Reach Out with Kindness, Patience and Understanding

Islam has developed a bad reputation and perceived negatively in the new millennium, despite being the fastest growing religion in some western countries. Many people think ours is a religion of violence, intolerance, inequity and unfairness. Don't believe me? Just look at some of the articles and comments in international and local online news websites. There are those who feel that we are still living in the dark ages.

In Malaysia, the decision of PAS to table a bill on the Islamic criminal law has sparked a reaction among non-Muslims. Many articles have been shared in the news and social media about the harshness of Islam, Islamic law and its implementation. 

Developments in Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan Saudi Arabia and Acheh have not helped. Some of the issues relate to culture rather than religion, while others have been misrepresented. A handful may have cropped up due to man's unfair interpration of the law. 

Personally, I feel quite helpless in the face of the onslaught …