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Asset Prices Can Go Up For A Very Long Time But It Can't Go On Forever

The rise in asset prices in Malaysia for the last six years has benefited many while impacting others negatively. For those who own property and invest in the stock market, the run-up in property and stock values have certainly increased their net worth.

However, if you ask people who are just starting our in their careers, tenants who rent instead of owning their homes and the low income group, the rise in asset prices has been a burden, a heavy one for some.

With the benefit of hindsight, I am now extremely grateful to have graduated in 1998, right in the middle of the biggest financial crisis Malaysia ever faced. Although some of us had difficulty finding jobs, eventually all found work and within a few years could afford to buy our own homes.

Those graduating in the last two years would find it easier to get a job but owning a home is another matter. I am not sure whether they can afford to buy a middle class property within a comfortable distance to their workplace, and if they …

The SKBB Hockey Story: No Substitute for Hard, Consistent Work on the Road to Success

Last week, Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Bandaraya achieved the amazing feat of being crowned KL champions in the boys and girls under-12 category during KL inter-zone hockey tournament. The boys emerged champions for the first time while the girls triumphed for the third time.

SKBB boys edged St John's 2 - 1 while the girls beat Sri Cheras 2 - 0 in the KL inter-zone finals. This was after they qualified for the tournament by winning the Bangsar zone competition, where the boys trounced Hishamuddin 8 - 0 and the girls beat Taman Desa 3 - 0.

Boys and girls in action
Having both the boys and girls emerge champions of KL is a remarkable feat, and I'm not sure whether it has been done before. Outstanding teams almost always have an outstanding coach and/or a few very good players and SKBB had both.

Coached by the highly dedicated parent Mr Gurdip Singh, and supported by a very strong parent group, SKBB has developed from a school without a hockey team into a powerhouse in seven years.