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Better to Show Respect, Appreciation, Love or Affection When a Person is Still Alive

When the late Karpal Singh passed away recently, we saw glowing tributes from friends and foe, indicating that he was highly respected and admired for his principles and huge contribution to the country.

However, I found it disconcerting that some of the tributes came from the very people that wanted to make life difficult for him every step of the way, going as far as trying to send him to jail.

To me something just does not add up. When he was alive, you want to do everything to thwart him, and when he dies you give effusive praise. Worse still, you use (or abuse) your power to deny the chosen venue for his memorial service.

Do you really mean what you say? Or are you just paying tribute to appear magnanimous. If some of those who opposed him were really sincere, why wait until his death to show him respect. Why not get him on board and really listen to his opinion when he was alive, even if you disagree.

But sometimes this also applies to us. I've seen situations where a parent…

Social Face to Face Still Better Than Social Media

I had the opportunity to be part of several events, visit people and attend functions for the past two weeks. Personally for me, it just reinforces the value of really meaningful social connections rather that the digital relationships we have today.

I've been one of the early adopters of the home office concept when I decided to join my parents in the translation and writing business, taking full advantage of the advent of emails to work from home or anywhere else where you can bring your laptop.  While working online has brought enormous benefits, I'm not too sure of online social.

The good thing about social media is that we can keep in touch easily with so many more friends. But the downside is that digital interactions may reduce the number of times we actually meet. Sometimes, people are so engrossed with the digital world that they forget that they are actually meeting people in real life.

As somebody who has lapsed into the comfort zone of working online with minimal …

Will The Real PM of Malaysia Please Stand Up?

It's been almost four weeks since flight MH370 disappeared, generating a crisis of sorts, with Malaysia coming under huge pressure.  There is no doubt that any country faced with this unique situation would have encountered difficulties and made mistakes, considering the complexity of the whole saga.

A lot of credit should go to those who are directly involved in the SAR operations. It is really very difficult trying to find a missing plane in such a vast area far from the nearest land mass, with very little data.

However one aspect that I find disappointing is how the Prime Minister of Malaysia has handled the crisis. This is the time when leadership, empathy and bravery is required at the very top and I strongly feel that Dato' Seri Najib has decided to take the safe option, as he always does.

His two announcements, read from prepared texts, and not allowing questions from the media, just gives the impression (to me at least) that he is not ready to lead from the front and t…