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Ten Things I Learned From the MH370 Crisis

My grandmother called me a few days ago complaining that some of her relatives have disappeared after the plane incident. Guilty as charged. Well it's hard not to be absorbed by this heart rending drama.

Although there is absolutely nothing I or many other Malaysians can do to find the plane, everybody is trying to get the latest news, sharing their opinions and posting them on Facebook.

It's been a very frustrating search but I've learned quite a few things from the whole episode.

1.  How people see things depend on their political views. I've found that for the past few years, people's opinions and thinking cannot escape from being coloured by politics. Those who support the current government would invariably share the same articles defending them, and those who support the opposition would quickly find angles to show weaknesses of the current administration. Positions have hardened that many cannot consider things without being influenced by their political vie…

Have We Lost Our Ability to Walk?

Many people living in city centres in Malaysia have lost their ability to walk. They'd rather double park near their destination and inconvenience other road users than find a parking space further down the road and take a walk.

This is becoming so prevalent that it is almost acceptable to do this and leave your phone number in the car. Some don't even bother to provide their contact info. They'll only come out after the owner of the blocked vehicle honk many times.

The problem can be easily observed immediately after school when parents pick up their children, during Friday prayers, in business centres and apartments around KL, at some institutes of higher learning and occasionally during major events.

Most of the time, parking space is available, sometimes more than enough, just that they are further away. Walking is oh so difficult.

Someone I know, who is not from KL, told a story about how shocked he was when somebody blocked his car at the car park. He thought that th…