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Life Is Not A Linear Progression

At 40, I think that maybe I understand life a little better. Maybe. But one thing I know for sure is that we are far from being fully in control of our own destiny. Approaching 40, many people I know begin to realise their mortality. If it’s not because of their own circumstances, then it is through the experience of friends. Between 20 - 30, all you see is your potential, your goals, your growing ability, your strengths, your stepping stone to a bigger salary and your family that you are going to start. Basically, just starting the race of trying to get ahead in this world. However things start to happen later, if not to yourself, then to your friends. Around this time, some people begin to realise that not everything is within their control. Sometimes an illness creeps in or a tragedy occurs in the family. Some get deeply disappointed when the man/woman that they want to marry reject them. Those who do get married slowly discover  that the union is not so blissful, but find it difficult…