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We Need a Level Playing Field

To me, any competition should be fair, or as fair as reasonably possible. 

Contrary to what is being put out in cyberspace, the choice of who to vote for is not black and white and definitely not between good and evil.  There are many good reasons to choose either one.  There are also many reasons to reject either of them.

You can pick and choose any issue, highlight it and make it appear that it is the only thing that matters.  But there are many more factors to be considered and I sincerely believe that things should be looked at from an overall perspective.

But for me, the continual failure to separate the 'government' and the 'political party' is the deciding factor. The repeated misuse of governnment resources and mainstream media for the benefit of the incumbent, which has been going on since I've started reading newspapers, cannot go on forever.

The 'pengundi hantu' or phantom voters' issue has also been around for the longest time.  From a neutr…